The cat in love comes to see his beloved almost every day for two years. Amazing story!

Love is submissive not only to all ages, as a famous writer said, but also to all living beings, and not only humans. The proof of this is our today’s story. Watch it!
There were real tender feelings between Sophie and Scotty! It started when Scotty first saw the modest beauty Sophie. His heart now belonged to her. He followed the lady all the time, but he was afraid to approach her, so as not to frighten the cute creature. Our gentleman courted very timidly and affectionately, and that is what came of it.
Sophie’s childhood story was not the happiest. Residents of Boston rescued the tiny kitten in 2014 and left it in a shelter for stray animals. And after a few months she was taken by a new owner – kind and caring. So Sophie had a loving owner and a home. The kitty was usually walked on a leash – she loved walking on the grass and look at everything around. During one of such walks, something incredible happened! Without knowing it, Sophie broke the heart of a good-looking cat.
The girl still remembers how it happened. “At first, Scotty watched us from a distance, looking out of the thicket of grass,” Sophie’s owner smiles. “He quietly admired his beloved and, it seems, he did not even breathe. Then the cat gradually moved closer to the road.”
Now, day after day, the loving gentleman waited in his place until his lady of the heart was taken out into the street, and watched her with admiration, not taking his loving eyes off.

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