A she-wolf saved the boy from 3 wolves. 2 years later the boy saved her pup from death

Once, after school, the class teacher asked the boy to stay for a while. She wanted to talk to the student about his not very good results and about the fact that he needed to improve his study results. The guy stayed for some time, and when he left school, it was already dark outside. The boy went along his usual way, towards the forest, and at the very outskirts he stopped in a daze. Three huge shadows rose right in front of him – they were wolves! Hungry predators prowled in search of prey and they were not going to let the man go. The teenager stopped with shock and could not move with horror. He was not even able to take a step, and, of course, he could not find a stick and defend himself.
Suddenly something incredible happened. Out of nowhere, a huge #wolf sprang up in front of the boy. Before he had time to understand anything, she ran into the predators. Something amazing was happening! Three angry wolves were immediately scared. There were three of them, but they retreated before the onslaught of one wolf!
Only a few minutes later the boy came to his senses. He continued standing in silence and staring at his shaggy savior. The teenager could not understand whether it was a Shepherd or a wild wolf. He certainly had not met her here before!
The female animal looked back, made sure that the predators had disappeared into the forest, and slowly went into the thicket. The boy rushed home. All his way home he seemed to feel someone’s presence. The strange she-wolf seemed to accompany him home.

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