Date Diaz BEST Mic-Moments [UFC Post Fights and Press Conferences]

➡️ Nate Diaz is the real Gangster in the UFC for sure ! the guy is a savage who never back down …
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You see, the record books will forever state Edwards beat Nate Diaz on Saturday night via unanimous decision. The highlight reels will reveal Edwards dominated Diaz for the majority of their 25-minute fight. Edwards cut up Diaz. He made Diaz bleed. He roughed Diaz up.

That’s all very accurate, by the way.

In doing so, Edwards extended his unbeaten streak to 10. He seemingly punched his ticket to a title shot.

And yet, in the court of public opinion, which often counts for more in the fight game, it feels like Diaz won that UFC 263 fight in Glendale, Arizona.

Why? Because after getting beat up for 24 minutes, Diaz rocked Edwards with a left. Diaz pointed at Edwards, he mocked him, he rocked him some more — but then Diaz ran out of time.

Another minute and Diaz could have potentially finished Edwards. Had Diaz done so, it would have been one of the wildest things this sport has ever witnessed. It would have vaulted Diaz, the icon, the superstar, the needle mover, into another stratosphere. But alas, he ran out of time.

Still, it was Diaz who was celebrating after the judges’ scorecards were read. It was Diaz who received the standing ovation and cheers from the crowd. It was Diaz who was the talk of social media afterward.

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