When Your Brain Stops Working

How to get big arms:

Large, muscular arms make you look strong and fit while giving your body a sculpted appearance. As an added bonus, having bulky arms may be able to help you perform impressive tasks like lifting heavy furniture and pushing stalled cars to safety without breaking a sweat. After doing exercises that cause arm hypertrophy, or muscle growth, it is also important to build strength in your back, chest, and shoulders as well. Read on to learn what exercises and lifestyle habits build arm mass.

How to get skinny arms:

You don’t need to follow any fad diets or crazy exercise regimens to get skinnier arms. It really just comes down to eating a healthy diet and doing exercises that tone your arm muscles and burn calories. This wikiHow will walk you through everything—what exercises are most helpful, how much you should exercise, what foods you should be eating, and more. Then you can develop a routine that works for you and is actually sustainable in the long run. After all, making sustainable lifestyle changes is the best way to get results that really.


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