When Women Show Off At The Gym

What Is Range of Motion?

Range of motion (ROM) is the measurement of the amount of movement around a specific joint or body part. It is commonly measured during a physical therapy evaluation or during a course of treatment. Other impairments that your physical therapist may measure include strength, gait, flexibility, or balance

This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It’s meant to be ironic and funny while giving some lifting advices at the same time.
Don’t take this video too seriously. If you don’t find this good enough, improve yourself.

Arching your back is not wrong at all, it can help you lifting more by isolating your chest muscles, but excessive arching like shown in the video is too crazy to call it a legit lift.
Powerlifting has its rules, butt on the bench and upper back on the bench.
As long as this is the case, it does not matter how small your rom is, but
that’s where the problem begins. Everyone has his opinion and that should be tolerated.

Also if you don’t want to appear in those videos, then don’t put your stuff online.
Anyway, good talking to you, bye.


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