When People Are Fake And Proud

Cardio Pro Tip

When your goal is to lose fat – and lose it fast – your first temptation will probably be to ramp up the cardio. That’s a mistake, at least in the early stages of your plan.

While we don’t see it as much among hardcore iron-heads (it’s more common among general fitness folks as well a competitive physique competitors) it’s becoming more common.

Of course, cardio is not the devil. In reasonable amounts it won’t eat away your muscles.

In fact, a few studies have found that people who dieted down while doing cardio (no lifting) lost less muscle and more fat than people who dieted down without doing any form of cardio or lifting. Of course, those who also lifted lost even less muscle (no loss or even a small gain).

But the message is that cardio, in acceptable amounts, can help you lose a bit more fat and won’t lead to muscle loss.


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