Tough Guy Shows Off His Fake Muscles

The guy in the video was flexing and showing off his muscles to kids in his hometown.
He would tell them he has the biggest muscles when in reality those were not real muscles.
The guy was using Oil to make his arms appear bigger. Yes, you heared right; OIL!

How To Be Real:

The word “authenticity” is the new buzzword. Everything from jeans to potato chips to historical tours is given the label “authentic,” which really just means real. But there is something behind the concept of authenticity, or realness. In our busy, very superficial world, there’s a lot of fakery, deception, and contrived perfection; we’re all trying to live up to certain images and ideals and in the process lose something of our “true selves.” But it is possible to be true to yourself and the people around you and in the process celebrate those messy, real, and authentic parts of yourself that make you who you are.


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