They saw the wolf digging up a fresh grave. They were shocked when they heard moans from the grave

One day, walking through the forest, the elderly forest ranger heard a plaintive squeak. Looking closely, he saw a small #wolf pup, stuck in a trap with his paw. The man took pity on the pup and rescued him from the trap. The forest ranger was already moving along his road, but suddenly something seemed to stop him. The thought flashed through the man’s head that a helpless wounded wolf pup would not be able to survive alone in the forest, because he was barely hobbling on three legs. Without thinking twice, the man put the baby in his coat and brought him home. So, he got an unusual pet. The owner took good care of his shaggy friend, and soon the clumsy wolf pup recovered, but still limped a little on one leg.
Little time passed. The elderly forest ranger started planning more often that it was time to move to the city – he did not have the strength to run the household any more. The elderly man moved in with his daughter, and gave the village house to his adult grandson, who had recently married. The guy willingly accepted his grandfather’s offer and happily moved to his house with his wife. The young family was happy. Some months later, the young couple found out that they were expecting their first child.
The wolf pup had already turned into a beautiful young predator. Now he was getting used to his new owners. The pet accepted the guy quite friendly, but he was distrustful of his young wife. When the predator saw the woman’s big belly, he understood that she was expecting a baby, and he changed his attitude, he became more attached to her and even allowed her to feed him.

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