The security guard kicked the poor child out of the park, but what this girl did surprised everyone

Life often throws us difficult trials. But never give up! Any failure can turn into a victory!
A boy, poorly dressed and barefoot, was walking timidly through one of the spacious green parks of London. He carefully carried an elegant wicker basket, in which lay gorgeous roses of various shades.
He carefully looked around with a searching glance, trying to meet in the streets someone who would want to buy his wonderful flowers. The boy walked uncertainly: he was afraid to the depths of his soul that the guard would throw him out of the park and take away all the flowers, as happened yesterday.
And then the boy saw something interesting. On the bench sat a presentable man in good clothes, with a book in his hands. An expensive leather briefcase stood at his feet. “He will definitely buy some roses! – the boy’s heart was beating happily, – he is probably waiting for a girl here!”
He timidly offered flowers to the man, but he was furious. “How many beggars can pester decent people! He shouted. – There is no rest from you anywhere! Better go wash and dress properly!”

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