The poor child cried all day, and then the unpredictable happened!

Kindness and attention to others can dramatically change your life. Humanity is the most important thing that makes our hearts kind and sensitive.
In one Mexican town, an extraordinary story happened.
There lived a simple family, of which there are many in any city. A little boy named Jonathan was happily looking forward to his birthday. Still – they promised to give him a #dog! His parents kept their word, and now the happy baby is holding a charming white dog in his arms. The funny dog was named Ryder. The boy did not leave his little friend, and the pet followed the boy everywhere.
Friends loved walking around the house for a long time, but one day there was an incident: the puppy fell off the leash and disappeared. Jonathan was beside himself with grief. He cried day and night, terribly yearned for his beloved pet.
The relatives did not know how to comfort the child, offered him any gifts and even wanted to buy a dog of the same breed. But the boy rejected everything and sobbed inconsolably.

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