The girl dated the guy because of his money, When he found it out, he taught her a good life lesson

Selfishness and greed, individual or national, cause most of our troubles.
Unfortunately, people rarely learn from other people’s mistakes, and prefer making their own over and over again. This is exactly what Christina in our story today, did.
She was a young, beautiful girl, but she had absolutely no money. Christina always dreamed of a luxurious life, but she was unlucky, her family was ordinary and poor. Her parents honestly worked for very small salaries, and this also upset the girl, who had been dreaming of wealth from her childhood. And she envied girls from prosperous families, because they could have fashion clothes, they had the most modern toys, phones and gadgets.
Like many poor girls from the provinces, Christina had only two ways: either to study and work hard to achieve everything herself, or to find a rich man. Christina did not like hard workdays at all, so she decided to get married successfully and devoted all her time to this goal.

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