The girl dated the guy because of his money, When he found it out, he taught her a good life lesson

Selfishness and greed, individual or national, cause most of our troubles.

Unfortunately, people rarely learn from other people’s mistakes, and prefer making their own over and over again. This is exactly what Christina in our story today, did.

She was a young, beautiful girl, but she had absolutely no money. Christina always dreamed of a luxurious life, but she was unlucky, her family was ordinary and poor. Her parents honestly worked for very small salaries, and this also upset the girl, who had been dreaming of wealth from her childhood. And she envied girls from prosperous families, because they could have fashion clothes, they had the most modern toys, phones and gadgets.

Like many poor girls from the provinces, Christina had only two ways: either to study and work hard to achieve everything herself, or to find a rich man. Christina did not like hard workdays at all, so she decided to get married successfully and devoted all her time to this goal.

The main problem for Christina – the guy had to be rich, because if not, then she would not even have considered him. And she found her dream man in one of his company’s clients. He was rich, handsome and successful. She met him at a party, and they quickly fell in love.

They discussed each other and realized that they were both looking for the same thing in life. But the girl did not tell the truth about her circumstances, because she thought it was not necessary, she believed in him and wanted to live happily.

The boy is a bit of an idiot, he was already married, but he believed in a second marriage, he was already divorced and didn’t really care. So he decided that he could easily convince his wife, and even with the child from the first marriage, Christina is willing to agree.

Soon Christina found out that the husband was only rich, when the day before the wedding, the husband told Christina about his true situation, and how he has to divorce. He told Christina:

“When we got married, we had to divide everything evenly.

I have some shares of companies, and I gave her half of my money. I’m going to sell all the shares at once, which means that I will have a lot of money. We both have debts, and she does not need to work anymore.

I’m very grateful to you for giving me such an important person as my wife, because without her I would be nothing.

She is the love of my life.” I’m getting more used to your style now, but there are still things I don’t get right. Why can’t I get used to your style? Because it’s completely different from the way my friends talk. I mean, I’m glad they like it, but it does make me a little embarrassed to meet them at work or in the street.

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