She pretended to be blind to see if her husband was stealing from her, what she found out, was worse

Many people are envious of the rich. It seems to others that they are very lucky in life. But the rich also have problems. Sometimes such situations happen in their lives, after which it is difficult for a person to remain the same!
The gorgeous blue-eyed blonde Olga was the head of a huge construction company. Everyone was amazed at how skillfully a slim girl led whole brigades of men. Her character was strong and unyielding!
Once Olga was late for work. She was very nervous while driving, she was annoyed by traffic jams, and suddenly a disabled person in a wheelchair drove up to her window. How angry the girl was! Having thrown out all her anger on the guy, she also called him the offensive word “quitter” and she was indignant why such a young guy did not want to work.
If only she knew what a terrible thing was awaiting her around the corner! Suddenly Olga was horrified to see a huge truck driving into her car with acceleration. The girl did not remember anything else.
Waking up in the hospital, Olga heard her mother’s voice. There was darkness in her eyes, as her head was completely rewound in bandages. Mother with tears told her daughter terrible words: she will never be able to see again!

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