Red cat begged for meat in a store and carried it away. The saleswoman decided to follow him

Today I will tell you an amazing story that happened in Moscow, Russia. In one of the small grocery stores, saleswomen noticed a strange #cat. Every day he came to them for the prey, it was a piece of juicy fresh meat, but he did not eat it. The little thief went with his trophy in an unknown direction. Who does he carry such delectable treats for?
The small farm food store had its usual schedule: daily deliveries, regular customers arriving at the same time, several random shoppers. However, everything changed when this fluffy four-legged guest started visiting the shop.
A mustached red creature came every day and sat in front of the shop-window, where there was fresh meat. He was gazing at it as if he was eating it with his big eyes. At first, the cashier girls chased the uninvited guest, but he was persistent: he returned and sat down in his former place.
A week later, the heart of one of the saleswomen could not stand it, and she decided to treat the cat with some meat. However, he did not eat it, he went outside with it and went away. Next days the situation was the same. A few days later the whole store was perplexed: who was their unusual visitor carrying food to?
The cat’s daily visits for meat soon became usual to the employees and visitors of the store. Once the red guest came, when one of the saleswomen finished her shift, and she decided to follow the cat and find out the truth.
She went away following the animal, trying not to frighten him. At the end of the street, the cat jumped under a large concrete slab. Approaching the place, the saleswoman found another cat in the shelter.
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