People saved the dog and after a while she saved the little girl

Any normal person treats our four-legged friends with care and concern. But there are such heartless and cruel individuals who mock poor animals and torture them. Such people should be prohibited from even coming close to animals!
This is why there are so many animal shelters in the world. Often, they are brought there wounded and exhausted, many of them can be nursed with great difficulty.
But, fortunately for our little friends, next to them there are kind people with sensitive hearts who save, help out, take care, nurse and feed those who are in trouble. They protect them from other people … They do so much, so that the poor living creatures, who have seen so much pain and grievances, again believe people. Thus, abandoned cats and dogs have new owners and homes, where they forget their bitter past and start a new life.
One of these dogs is the character of our story today.

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