Man didn’t let his wife enter one of the rooms of the apartment. When she came in, she was shocked

Everyone likes sincere and easy-going people, and even they sometimes have such secret things or thoughts, which they cannot share with nobody. Even the closest ones, the husband or the wife cannot interfere into some personal things, if they are not asked about it.
The sun was shining brightly from the very morning in Saint-Tropez! Ruslan liked walking along the beach, and that day he came there for the first time with his young wife Maria. She basked under the azure sky of France, admired the endless blue sea and smiled, because until recently she could not even dream of such a luxury!
Maria could hardly believe that all this was happening to her: their wedding, she and her beloved man, their happy life, and she had everything she ever wanted. The girl grew up in an ordinary family. At school, she tried very hard and dreamed of going to university. Her dream came true! Maria studied diligently, and lived only on small scholarship and modest sums of money from her parents, but the money was still not enough.
To make both ends meet, the girl found a part-time job – she got a job as a waitress in a large restaurant. Once at a celebration she saw Ruslan. The first time they met, looked like a scene from a classic melodrama: a waitress awkwardly dropped a plate of glasses on a good-looking guy.
And then a real fairy tale began! The lovely stranger fell dearly in love with the cute girl. Very soon Maria moved to his house, and the long-awaited moment happened – Ruslan, kneeling down, proposed the girl to become his wife. Of course, she said yes!
The young couple had a gorgeous wedding. Bride and groom were incredibly beautiful and happy! For their honeymoon, the newlyweds went to France. It was an amazing time! Inspired, Maria did not believe in her happiness. Everything was almost perfect, except one thing.

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