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Yes, women and men are different—but when it comes to men’s dating advice, outcries of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus!” take on new meaning.

Being able to communicate freely with the opposite sex is a must have skill that men and women alike need to function in today’s society. However, most people fail when it comes to having meaningful conversations with the opposite sex. This is because there are certain aspects of communication and socializing that men need to understand before they can make connections with women.W

Who is the best dating coach for men Is John Anthony the Master PUA?

Is it hard for females to resist a man like him in person?

Well what can i say about this coach? the guy managed to get 1,300 girls in 7 years. I’ve seen videos on YouTube where he gives free seminars and answers questions from clients. He has been interviewed by some very big names in the seduction community.

Despite all the trash talk and controversy John Anthony is widely regarded as the top pickup artist and seduction coach in the world.

Check out this call with advanced student who had 300 lays before John Anthony taking his game to the next level:

Be sure to double-check his response again to flaky accusations:

This needed to be said here. This modern life dating guy is going to end up either in jail or with a massive lawsuit or both, let’s hope so the response to modern life datings expose video this guy is trying to expose me why because I dismantled him in a one and a half-hour video. Absolutely annihilating him.

I’ll go over the cliff notes of that video that I made about him very shortly, but I wanted to let you guys know what’s going on here and respond to his fabricated false claims. The path of a confused little man that ending up in jail and with a massive lawsuit, so let’s go through the timeline of this.

First off, I call out my online dating for copying my products and being a nobody masquerading as a dating expert, he ripped off my Corona pick a product, and then I dug down the rabbit hole. First of all, I was screenshot proof and purchasing it with his email, refund it and then put out a pandemic to pick a product with a lot of my original concepts in it, then I dug down the rabbit hole turns out he’s copying everyone’s fucking products including player Supreme. We’ll go into that again shortly. He denies it, but it’s all very fucking factual and very obvious.

MLD responds by holding a hot dude party when the response pathetic is it was just instead of defending himself, he’s basically just like, Oh, well, he thought I was living in the Philippines and I’m actually in Japan. He repeated that like 15 times. Then MLD slandered me in a video by saying I have a false felony background, this is slander.

When I make these Rowson, guys, I’m using factual information, if your information is factual, it’s not slander. However, I’m going to give countless examples where this guy is breaking criminal laws and civil laws, all of which have been documented.

I already have a whole legal process going which I’m going to share with you all.

So I started the legal process serving him a cease and desist letter for his slander and defamation on March 29, 2021, a couple weeks ago.

Dear Jonathan Hogwood is kind of my attention. You have made a false and slanderous statement about me which has been documented. The statement was John Anthony’s felony background and is willfully misleading without merit because I have no felony convictions and no felony record. The false information he made is reckless and highly slanderous, and it’s caused me to suffer harm to my business and harm to my character and reputation.

I hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist from making any false slander defamatory statements and removing the family court defamatory content, let’s see what he did next. He ignores this and goes on to break multiple criminal laws now depicting me being kidnapped, here we have John Anthony’s lifestyle with tape around the head.

I’m not going to play the video because it’s very fucking off the rails, but it’s depicting me being kidnapped tortured, assaulted, threatened, and murdered additionally incites violence and terrorism against me and break civil laws and Sanders me since I have no felony record and there’s no prostitution scandal, he’s writing he’s just making up fully fabricated things on the wall here and his little fucking crazy crazy video, and he went against Anthony Johnson that video as well.

There’ll be a separate lawsuit coming there. This kid’s fully out of his mind, let’s and we’ll review in a moment here all the different fucked up shit about this kid. But now he wants to just break all bunch of laws and response cases so we’ll see what happens with that. So I continue the legal process with a Notice of Intent to sue document right?

I’m not going to fuck around right this is we’re just going to fucking bury the guy pretty quickly. So Letter of Intent to sue shall serve as a formal and final notice that I intend to commence a lawsuit against you in seven days due to the following falsely accusing John I’m having a felony background and being a drug addict, are both false.

And I’m seeking damages he can settle this outside of court, by taking down the defamatory parts of the video and refraining from doing these in the future, so what is he going to do? well we’ll get into that in a second he goes and makes him tries to expose me in breaks a whole shit ton more criminal and civil laws, but first off, let’s cover this. I buried him in a one-and-a-half-hour video thoroughly dismantling him and all the fucked up shit associated with him, nice little thumbnail here. Here’s his fucking ball, guys. He likes to wear sunglasses all the time. So that people can’t see his eyes. He’s very ashamed of them.

That’s why he has him on every single podcast give me here we have a nice look at how fucking weird they look, cliff notes of the modern life dating destroyed video. and admits that a girl accused him of rape. . mld admits to being arrested multiple times dealing drugs and robbing people mld showcase multiple times as being a massive racist mld Mr. beating his girlfriend. It is shown that mld secretly takes pictures of children It is shown the mld ripped off content for all his products, including from me personally and including player supreme who is dead and who he calls the N-word.

It is shown that mld likes Gay Men’s photos on Instagram and hangs with trainees it is shown that mld is married in secret to a busted Japanese chick. It is shown that emoji has no game and no expertise. But it’s just in the field as a money grab was literally driving taxis and teaching English very recently, I’ve been coaching in the game for over 10 years. I have the best system in the industry by far the most proof of that no comparison.

This guy was driving cabs and teaching English a couple years ago. And we had screenshot proof showing him saying to his good friend who ended up leaking this information.

Oh, I’m just gonna come in and make a bunch of money in this industry, that’s all he’s here for all you mld fans, laugh at me and whoever else you want in, you know, worship this guy who’s just fucking trying to steal whatever he can from you.

And obviously, as a whole fuck ton of problems, with all these different things he’s done, so modern life dating is now destroyed. That just happened in the past week. So now he’s desperate, so now he releases a video that tries to expose me with lots of slanderous claims that are objectively false and fully fabricated.

Again breaking multiple criminal and civil laws but this was actually very happy about this, he texted me he got my number from someone texted me the morning that he was releasing this expose video and said hey, today is the day you lose, and I said Bring it on.

This is more ammo for the lawsuit that we have in motion, so now we’ll look at the massive amounts of laws that he has broken in that video and he’s just going to be absolutely annihilated off the face of the community very shortly, and we’ll get into these claims in a moment.

Actually, let’s just jump in right now but it should be noted that Troy Francis also that Troy Francis, the guy the former reporter for gay and trans events that’s that has no fucking game whatsoever was breaking down my infield, I had 100 infield poles on camera by 2014 Where do these guys infield Where’re these guys 100 and field poles, they’re picking out like a couple interactions.

He talked to a girl who’s working on the Vegas Strip that’s because it’s easy oh let’s analyze this but they don’t know shit about the game they don’t know shit about a good game of course, not anything even close to that and their analysis is full out retarded it let’s look at the laws that were broken in this video.

First of all, he claims I’m a rapist and I’ve been arrested for rape fact never been accused arrested for or charged with rape which’s subjectively verifiable online.

It’s not he said she said it’s not my opinion or someone else’s. It’s never happened, claims I’m an ex-felon, never been convicted of any felony, I had one situation in 2013 where I was arrested for kidnapping gross lewdness, and coercion, that did not go to trial and there was no conviction and I was able to show not only was all the evidence on my side, but I also was set up by my competition and guess who was with me that night that I was arrested?

Just one person.

Shade ball central Mr. Derrick money Berg del boskoski, and I’m going to release my response video tomorrow. I had this on my channel a couple years ago and it’s almost two hours long. It was a very very popular video.

I’m going to release the full response video that’s going to fully defend myself and fully vindicate myself because I have nothing to hide I’ll show you guys the whole story, so look forward to that tomorrow. Let’s see claims have mental issues, I have zero mental she’s never been diagnosed with any mental issues except for anxiety disorder.

Claims I hired escorts for students to show fully made-up screenshots facts. I’ve never hired escorts for students. The screenshots are fully fabricated, jumping out of this bullet here.

These fake screenshots were sent to the YouTuber coffee Zilla, but he called me and I refuted everything easily.

Coffee Zilla, also challenge anonymous source to take a screen capture, meaning like a video recording on their phone, or the images and the person said, Oh, I can’t do that because they’re on a company phone and they had to give it back, I’ve never given out any fucking company phones doesn’t even make sense, and there were holes everywhere. I refuted every single claim he didn’t publish the info because it’s all very obviously fabricated.

I don’t know if that was modern life dating or just obviously I’m going at the throat to like 30 different guys online case. This comes with the territory.

I’ve expected this to happen.

But I’ll defend it all in turn. Guys are messed up who what’s the script? What do you expect the guy to do?

We literally dismantled his entire fucking business in life and showed him to be like the biggest piece of shit on Earth, having no skills. It destroyed him completely, what do you expect him to do? He has nothing to expose, he’s going to go and try to fabricate a bunch of shit, so going back up to here.

And these fake screenshots. First of all, it’s a WhatsApp picture showing a picture from 2013, this was on my outcomes razor product page.

Why would I have a modern pic From 2013 was some random girl in Vegas at a club? And also I’ve never had a picture with a girl was my WhatsApp photo use common sense everyone watching Why would I put a fucking picture of me with a girl on WhatsApp that would cop block me from working any new girls there’s other fucking dead giveaways that it’s not me and those screenshots I never send text messages with capital letters at the beginning of the sentence on WhatsApp or SMS people that know me to recognize this immediately in the fake screenshots and like I said coffees like put me through the whole you know a line of questioning and was like yeah, this is all fucking bs but it’s also nice to note that these fake screenshots were also published to read it and then the past couple days very nice.

And I’ve contacted the mods about that you know, I could literally like change any of my have any of my friends change their WhatsApp picture to one of modern life dating pictures from his website or whatever and have a whole conversation and screenshot and be like hey, look at this. He’s claiming to ban kids in the asshole and then this and that. Oh, I can’t believe this. It’s it says, Jonathan Hogwood.

It says modern life dating in the name it must be true full bs didn’t even need Photoshop they just had a fake conversation and screenshot at gate claims I hired escorts for my infield for myself you guys that follow me know I’ve extremely elite-level game I the most proof of that in the world, the most proof amount results already in my proof for being over 1000 girls refuted any kind of escort claim everyone likes to try to claim that Crouser was like oh, there was a girl he banged off seeking an arrangement that was on his Instagram.

Yeah, I didn’t pay her. It doesn’t mean that she was paid just because she was on that fucking website, you can bank strippers for free as well. There’s a whole separate system for it.

As I said I take the game very seriously have no need or interest to resort to that. And I’m extremely opposed to it as well. I wouldn’t even enjoy that there’s no need to hire escorts no one will ever catch me doing that because never happened, but as we saw on these fake screenshots Oh, he’s exposed No, there’s nothing to expose and those screenshots are bullshit. . She’s and then they claim my girlfriend’s a paid escort, I showed in the Rolo and in Tyler.

The response saw the scammers coming at my video I showed the six-month talking video that was like a bunch of sentimental private shit with my girl. I have 1000s 1000 pictures with her, she you know, she’s been around for over a year. That’s a fully ridiculous claim, full baseless slander, but that will be another thing in the lawsuit, you know claims I have a low IQ have achieved a 155 score on a regulated IQ test which is very intelligent. I also display my intelligence regularly, including having mastered poker chess, my mastery of this game here, and working on nuclear biological chemical missile defense for Lockheed Martin.

What was modern life dating doing? What were his intelligence credentials? Oh, yeah, driving taxis, there’s your information source here a little taxi driver claims I fled Brazil to escape a prostitution scandal again.

What is this?

There’s no prostitution scandal show me where was their prostitution scandal. I came here for vacation for three weeks in February 2020 for the carnival. I even have videos talking about that in detail. . Claims I’m in Brazil because they don’t extradite criminals.

Again, no criminal convictions.

There’s no fucking pending anything more basis sender, wait, wait, what is this running? He’s just inventing anything he can to save his little fucking stupid ass from all the real shit that’s that buried him in that video that I put up.

Trying to say he didn’t steal any products. I’ve screenshot proof of him by my corona pickup product with his own fucking email like a dumb ass. Then refunding it and putting out pandemic pickup copying lots of my innovations like using multiple tenders.

No one had ever talked about that. It was only in the corona pickup product. Then he comes out with an in pandemic pick up as if he came up with that, and then when I looked even closer, he copied ship from Alex from playing with fire he copied my other product.

He copied player supreme his product he copied stuff from Corey Wayne he copied stuff from crouser it just goes on and on. All of his stuff is repackaged and copy just like Myron just like fresh fucking Fresh Prince CEO, this is what these guys do.

And then he goes to his followers Oh, he’s just trying to make up lies about another no these fucking rose videos are exposing the truth and all the real scamming that’s happening his body language mastery is stolen from the dead guy player Supremes product the go look it up go do the comparison. It’s called how to tell if a girl likes you. and what did mld say about player screaming called the N-word I just thought I just said player Supremes son know about that yeah, keep pissing off all bunch of people around the world see what happens. says my screenshots on him.

My blast video is photoshopped. I provided tons of real objective evidence of buried him completely.

None of the information was photoshopped. It’s all direct fucking screenshots with timestamps and all that stuff. It’s all very damning and very obviously true. But all All these criminal and civil laws being broken and documented make me very happy.

Why is that? Because now I will sue the living fuck out of him and documented it all on YouTube, here’s the thing you can’t go around, fabricating claims all these things I say about these guys. I research behind like you guys saw the Meijer on a thing. Oh, he pays girls. I spoke to the girl I spoke to the guy that fucking revealed it. And they gave me a whole bunch of fucking extra details.

Even when I went on Spencer Cornelius channel other stuff with Derek I showed him the fucking recording of the guy that invented Derek moneybags content, a 21-year old that said,

Oh, he’s saying white power and all the meetings. Oh, hey, I wrote the whole fucking content and I don’t know shit about this stuff. I just looked up stuff on the internet.

Oh, hey, he told me to purposely mislead and confuse everyone and structure the content so that it’s that it creates problems for the upsells to sell. This is all real shit, let these fuckers try to defend themselves as much as they want.

They’re getting buried one by one, and let modern life dating just come out with a full slander video, that’s great. That’s more ammo. I’ll sue him for more money and win, and I’m gonna document on YouTube, it’s fucking almost midnight.

That does it for now. I’ll make a more detailed response possibly lookout for the response to my 2013 setup, arrest, I have nothing to hide there. I’ll release my whole response in full detail tomorrow.




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