Guy Tries To Impress His Crush With Fake Arms

Kirill Tereshin is a 23-year-old in Russia who has become internet-famous for putting Oil into his arms. This has caused his biceps to swell and look out of proportion compared with the rest of his body.

No matter your age, there are times when memory lapses seem to get you down. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your mind sharp, which can also help improve your attitude. Keeping a sharp mind also enables you to figure situations out more effectively and make wiser decisions as you age. There are numerous ways to keep your mind sharp while keeping a positive attitude.

1. Exercise
2. Eat healthy
3. get enough sleep
4. use your mind instead of a calculator
5. Don’t stop learning
6. Flex your mental muscles
7. Engage all your senses
8. Find a special talent
9. Express yourself creatively
10. Try using your opposite hand to do everyday things.


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