Every night the leopard visited the cow People were shocked when they found out the reason

The incident, which I am going to tell you, happened near the city of Vadodara, in a village called Antoli. One summer, its inhabitants began to notice a female leopard in a reed field. At this time, leopards usually give birth to babies, and, most likely, mother leopard with her cubs made herself a den closer to people. Here it was easier to hunt pigs, hares, birds, and sometimes she even managed to get goats. At the same time, it was possible to hide in abandoned fields and, in case of danger, go back into the forest through the ravines.
By the fall, many villagers began to complain about the predator. Now she was seen with her baby. Several male hunters decided to get the beast. They ambushed and waited. A few nights later, the female leopard was caught and taken to another forest, away from the village.
The villagers breathed a sigh of relief. They could no longer be afraid of the predator, but now no one was protecting the village from wild boars and jackals. However, after a few weeks, people became worried again. A new predator appeared in the forest – also a female leopard, but younger than the previous one. In the village, it was assumed that this was her grown-up cub.

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