A guy bought a crazy horse for a bag of oats and she saved his life

This amazing story happened in a small Russian village. A guy named Ivan was born and raised in the village. He was the son of a groom. Ivan was a curious and intelligent boy who grew up in the heart of nature. Chickens, geese, sheep, and, of course, horses were always around him. He liked horses and could always find a way to approach them. Probably because he’d been helping dad in the stables since he was a child. His father had a large stable as he bred horses for sale. If a person wanted to buy a #horse from him, he had to sign up one year in advance, as the horse were in high demand. When Ivan was a child his father gave him simple tasks such as giving oats or water or preparing equipment for horses. Sometimes his father let him look after the horses during the pasture and even allowed him to take a rifle to protect him from the attacks of predators. That’s how Ivan slowly joined his father’s business. Now he could determine a character of the horse by looking at it once. He could easily break in the most unruly ones. All the villagers respected him and always asked him to help with these animals.

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