Don’t show everyone at the gym how hardcore you are,
’cause you’re not. I mean, sure, if you’re doing maybe a heavy set of 10 on the deadlift, I wouldn’t expect you to lower the plates to the ground over a 6-count without doing a little grunting. After all, I presume you’re not at Planet Fitness. But lots of guys love to turn their workouts into ultra-dramatic displays of theatric barbarity.

All that yelling and screaming turns out to be a waste of energy most of the time, so experienced lifters focus their energy inward, not outward.

It’s better to be a yellow belt with black belt skills, than a black belt with yellow belt skills.” In the gym, try to embody that same spirit by always trying to be as impressive as you can manage (hey, I have an ego, too, after all), but in as understated a manner as possible.

So no yelling and screaming, no stomping around, no smelling salts, etc. In fact, if you can lift big weights silently, with a relaxed facial expression, it’s actually more impressive than making a spectacle of yourself in an effort to get everyone’s attention.


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Planet Fitness Cancelled My Membership After 500lb Bench Press

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Via: Clayton Dubuffet on Home Gym Community FB Group @garagegymreviews


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