Manny Pacquiao vs. Errol Spence BEST Fight of 2021 – MOTIVABLE

A Big Fight is Coming Up. 

As you know, everybody’s still talking about it. 

It’s a huge one. 

Despite a lot of big fights coming up on the horizon, with a few we have already seen. This fight is to be, the fight of the year.

This is this has got everybody excited. It’s Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence Jr

They together hold three of the four welterweight belts. Of course, the other belonging to Terence Crawford

This huge fight coming up on August 21, in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand T-Mobile Arena, and right now everyone is busy spouting off about who’s gonna win, and of course, we here at Motivable have our opinions as well.

Regardless, there’s one prediction we can all count on and that’s it’s gonna be a great fight.

Can Errol Spence Jr. Beat Manny Pacquiao?

Yes, Errol Spence Jr. can beat Manny Pacquiao. Absolutely he’s younger, bigger and undefeated. 

In all fairness, if he does place his cards right he can do it but let’s not forget especially you guys who just say oh, this is an easy fight for Spence. He’s going to KO and retire Manny, and blah, blah, blah. 

Get outta here. 

You know, we appreciate your passion and your opinions. But just to say that off the cuff without doing any homework is just nuts. 

You are crazy. 

Of course, it can happen. But just to say it recklessly is just nuts. This article will be discussing what Manny Pacquiao has to do to beat Errol Spence Jr. 

First Off, What Does Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence Jr. Have in Common?

One thing they have in common, aside from being great champions, is their strengths, their God-given natural abilities that they make use of it by training their effective strengths before each and every fight

Yes, there’s a different game plan for every opponent. 

But, if you want to succeed in winning in boxing or in any challenge, it’s best and wise to go with what got going for you. 

Go with your strengths.

Manny Pacquiao’s Strengths (He Has ALOT of Them)

I’m gonna remind you. And let’s not forget Manny Pacquaio has won World Championships in eight different weight divisions (Octuple Champion).

Nobody’s ever done that. 

He’s won five lineal champions (Lineal Champion)

Nobody’s ever done that. 

He’s won championships in four different decades

Nobody’s ever done that. 

He’s the oldest Welterweight to win a World Championship. 

He’s a senator.

He’s got his college degree recently. 

The guy speaks several languages

Most importantly he’s a God-fearing family man. 

There’s really not much about Manny Pacquiao that you can’t like. With all that being said, in the ring… 

He is a beast. 


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Despite him being joyful, full of laughs, and being a happy-go-lucky Filipino through and through,

He’s also a fighter. And when he gets in the ring, he’s a real mean fighter.

I’ll remind you to look at his face-off between his last fight against former Welter-Weight Champion Keith Thurman after all that trash-talking Keith Thurman did. 

The referee is, giving them the lowdown right before the bell rings. If you just look at Pacman’s face, like a stone-cold, mass murderer. 

An absolutely frightening look on his face.


And you’ll notice Thurman couldn’t even barely look at him straight in the eyes.

Notice he’s looking down. 

Just looking into the sides, in other words avoiding direct and steady eye-contact with Manny Pacquiao.

Keith Thurman was intimidated right away. 

They all are, even if they’re champions, which Keith Thurman was. Manny Pacquiao is an intimidating force in the ring. 

When Manny Pacquiao comes marching, when he’s walking from the dressing room with his entourage to the ring, it’s all smiles. Laughter high fives, he’s just being an absolute joyful character. 

But, as soon as he steps into the ring and that’s all gone. 

He’s a beast. 

Manny Pacquiao is an absolutely fearsome fighter. Being fearsome is one of the first things he can do pretty easily as that’s who he is, as a fighter. He needs to keep up that intimidating presence. 

You’ll see it in the press conferences. You’ll see it in the interviews. You’ll see it in the, you know, the face to face back and forth with Errol Spence Jr. 

He’s scary. 

What else does he need to do in the ring to beat Errol Spence Jr? 

Do the damage early! 

We know Errol Spence Jr. is a slow starter, he builds his confidence, his aggressiveness, his effectiveness builds as the fight wears on. 

But in the early rounds, if you’re going to take him out, you need to do it early and pack yell more often than not, it’s an early starter, he needs to do his damage early. 

And again, he needs to use the skills that made him a champion. 

One is to be aggressive, and always be coming forward. 

Use the awkward angles that made him such a difficult opponent. 

He’s left-handed. That’s one of the things that makes it hard to hard to fight. But the weird angels he comes at the punches come at you from places you never expected. 

And that’s, that’s really, really hard to deal with. 

Now, there’s a couple of combinations are punches that he has developed and he’s an all-around fighter, let’s be honest, but there’s a couple that has become very effective for him as his career has gone on one of them and we saw it in the Keith Thurman fight in the knockdown in the first round. 

He would do the use the left-hand body shot and follow with a right cross and it took Keith Thurman by surprise and knock them down. 

And that’s worked in the past to look at all of his fights and it worked against me go Cotto put him down. 

The other is the uppercut. 

The first time I really saw him use the uppercut with effectiveness although he’s done it in the past was against Lucas etc. Another champion that he beat just a couple of years ago. 

And he got a TKO with that one the uppercut and by the way, Errol Spence Jr. So effective with that to the uppercut is a devastating punch because you don’t expect it is just not part of the normal give and take.

It’s an unexpected punch and devastating when used if you know properly. 

Here’s something else that Pacquiao needs to do to beat Errol Spence Jr. and say this and I find this very interesting. 

It’s the countering the jab, Errol Spence Jr. is very effective with his right jab. 

Remember, he’s left-handed. 

Pacquiao is extremely effective, countering the left jab because most of his opponents are right-handed. So that means the jab is left, and he counters that with a right hook. 

Well, what about the left-hander who uses the right jab would you come in with the left hook? 

Another strength of Manny Pacquiao is he has a great team with him. 

Freddie Roach the Hall of Fame trainer of the wildcard gym in LA is a brilliant brilliant master of game plans and he adjusts Pacquiao’s routine for each opponent. 

Everyone’s different you have to have a different game playing for everybody and you’ll have a different one for Spence Jr. 

He’s good against another left-hander Spence, I’m not so sure about We’ll see. But fighting a left-hander is very difficult. Even if you are a left-hander.

The last fight Pacquiao was in against the left-hander was David Diaz, about 15 years ago, and packed upbeat that man up, beat him up, sent him face-first into the canvas and it was a knockout now the TKO by the knockout and beat that man horribly. 

And so Pacquiao knows what he’s doing against other left-handers So, you know, he’s that countering the jab is going to be a crucial part of many packhouse gameplay. 

Another thing he needs to do is Normally pack yell, downs. This is part of this gameplay, but against Spence, I’m not sure if that’s effective because Spence’s bodywork is devastating. 

He’s a heavy-handed puncher, and he preys on his opponent’s inability to respond or recover from a body shot. 

Pacquiao loves to draw his opponent into the ropes with his backs against the ropes and does this and actually does this and Come on. Come on in here. 

I’ll let you take some shots at me, which Much to the chagrin of his corner. 

But he uses that to his advantage. He turns it around and launches an attack. 

It’s just part of his modus operandi. But with Errol Spence Jr. I’m not so sure we’ll see. 

But he’s got to be wary of Errol Spence Jr’s body shots.

It’s gonna be a very interesting part of the fight. What else? This Manny Pacquiao needs to do to win against Errol Spence Jr. endurance, you know, we never used to worry about that Pacquiao was just were his opponent stone you couldn’t Outlast him. 

We saw in his last fight. He we saw him fade a little bit in the middle rounds against Keith Thurman. 

Now granted Thurman was a champion but is that’s where you see it’s the endurance is the pack you’re going to be able to maintain that level of intensity for 12 rounds. 

We’ll see. He’s got to be able to, you know, keep up with the younger opponent, that is the Errol Spence, Jr., and speed. 

He is aware of this. 

He said this in interviews already, he’s got to take advantage of his speed. He’s much quicker than Errol Spence Jr. 

Not just with the hands but with the feet. So he’s got to take advantage of that any scam to get into Spence’s head. That’s, you know, no matter who you are, or what sport you’re in, that is crucial. 

You’ve got to get yourself in his head. Yeah, he’s the champion. Yeah, he’s been boxing his whole life. But you need to put doubt in there. You need to put that thought in instead of like, I don’t know how to deal with this guy

I don’t think I can win. When that happens. Game over, then I think then the ballgame is all yours to take. So we’ll see a paqos able to plant that thought into Errol Spence Jr.’s head as the fight wears on. 

Let’s not forget guys, you know, of course, Spence can be pack out anybody can beat anybody in the box. That’s it’s a fight. But let’s not forget, especially you guys who think Pacquiao has no chance. 

Don’t ever fool yourself. He’s still a beast. He’s scary, he’s still the champion. 

Remember, he is the champion. He’s 42. But that doesn’t mean anything. 

He’s still a champion. 

And he’s still an intimidating factor in the ring.

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